Welcome to History

Chadron State, through the Justice Studies, Social Science, and English Department, offers both a major and a minor in History, and a subject endorsement in secondary education. Students can take courses that cover a host of topics, including Colonial, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Century America; Latin America; the Middle East; East Asia; Greece and Rome; the American West; and American Indians. Additionally, sophomore and senior seminars allow students to hone their critical thinking and investigation skills.

History majors, educators, and minors develop strong reading, writing, and research skills. These abilities provide a foundation for graduate work, teaching, archival and library services, the study of law, and careers in business and other professions.

The program also hosts a vibrant Social Sciences Club, the Native American Club, and the opportunity to participate in a study abroad experience in Cuba. There are also internship possibilities in local museums.

Career Options

The career possibilities for history graduates may surprise you. In Chadron State's History program, you will develop skills in writing, analysis, communication, and organization. This preparation is helpful for careers in government, finance, business, non-profit organizations, and communications. A degree in history also can serve as a springboard into graduate school and toward fulfilling careers in law and business administration.

Many who study history choose careers in education. By teaching America's youth, you can influence the lives of thousands and help shape our nation's future. A few will continue their formal education and pursue a career as a college professor.

Others will become public historians. This includes working in government archives, national and state historical sites, museums and libraries. Such job opportunities involve daily interaction with tourists, scholars, school children, and the general public. A degree in history will assist these specialists in learning how to understand, analyze, and explain history.