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报告可由被指控的受害者或了解性暴力或性骚扰指控的第三方提交, 包括其他学生或学院员工. Reports should be filed with one of the designated College administrators and/or employees responsible for student services, 如下:

  • 总统
  • 副总统
  • 院长(学术项目和学生)
  • College Title IX Coordinator and Designees (contact information is listed below)
  • 住房/MG游戏app工作人员包括:主任, Managers, 董事助理, 社区协调员, 高级宿舍顾问, 宿舍顾问
  • 教练和助理教练
  • 校园保安:308-432-6037

向上述指定的管理人员或雇员提交的报告将构成对学院的“通知”,以便学院与第九条协调员一起考虑调查和机构回应. 法律要求大学员工(甚至是下文所述的医疗或心理健康专业人员)向执法部门或卫生与公众服务部报告任何对未成年人的性虐待或性侵犯指控. 关于雇员报告的例外:法律承认并保护寻求治疗的人与医疗或心理健康专业人员之间通信的机密性. 学院雇用的医疗或心理健康专业人员(持牌学生辅导员和护士)尊重并保护学生的机密通信, faculty, 在法律允许的范围内,员工也可以这样做. 员工可能不得不违背信任, however, when they perceive an immediate and serious threat to any person or property.

查德隆警察局学院鼓励个人在发生性暴力或性骚扰事件时向Nemaha县治安部门提交报告. A member of 校园安全 or a College employee can accompany you to make the report at your request.

CSC第九条办公室:鼓励学生通过电子邮件向第九条协调员摩根·卡伦报告任何性暴力和性骚扰事件 titleixcoordinator@fivethousand.net 或致电308-430-0980.

匿名: The College offers an anonymous reporting site for all violations of 秘鲁州立大学 policy including sexual assault, rape, stalking, 关系暴力和性骚扰. 如果有潜在的违反第九条的报告, this report will be sent to the Title IX Coordinator for investigation and follow-up, all other policy violation reports will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Life.  请注意, 通过匿名举报, limitations in information provided may prevent the College from completing a thorough investigation.



The College appreciates the privacy concerns inherent in allegations of sexual violence or sex harassment. 保护学生的隐私权, 学生姓名或其他身份信息, especially that which is contained in written documents and notes, will only be disclosed to third parties if; (a) prior written permission is given by the student concerned; (b) the disclosure is necessary to conduct an investigation; (c) the disclosure is necessary to pursue disciplinary action; or, (d)法律另有要求披露的.


If an alleged victim is under the age of eighteen (18) years, 学院将在开始调查或披露信息之前征得家长或监护人的同意, 除非法律另有规定. 如果指称的受害者要求保密, 要求不追究该报告, or declines to participate in an investigation or disciplinary proceeding, 学院将会记录这份申请. The college will take reasonable steps to investigate and respond to reports consistent with such a request, 如果可能的话. 要求将被评估和权衡与学院的责任,以提供一个安全和非歧视的环境.


董事会政策中描述的流程和程序 3100 and 3200 may be used subsequent to a sexual violence or sex harassment investigation to address cases of student misconduct, 正当程序和纪律. 如果被指控的肇事者是员工, other Board Policies or Collective Bargaining Agreements will determine the due process steps and disciplinary consequences.

纪律处分可能包括, 但不限于:警告, 留校察看, 失去特权, 归还, 补救工作分配, 补习教育要求, 服务需求, 补救行为要求, 书院宿舍搬迁, 学院房屋暂停供应, 搬离学院宿舍, 悬架, 和驱逐.


Alleged victims should be advised that physical evidence can be collected at the same time as medical care is provided, 但是,如果没有向当地执法部门报告,就无法收集刑事起诉的医学证据. It is important that students make an informed decision regarding important physical evidence that can be preserved. 而学生不需要通知执法机关关于性暴力或性骚扰的报告, reports still need to be filed with 校园安全 to inform them that an act of violence may have occurred. 校园安全应通知第九条协调员, who is responsible for coordinating the College response to the reports of sexual violence and sex harassment. 根据联邦法律, the College has a legal responsibility for documenting and reporting an incidence of sexual violence and sex harassment.

Regardless of whether or not the 执法 authorities choose to prosecute a reported offense, 学院可以对涉嫌实施性暴力或性骚扰的学生或员工采取正式的纪律处分.


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P.O. Box 10
秘鲁,ne68421 -0010



Note: While this policy and procedures are written primarily for the benefit of students, the same procedures shall also apply in the event either the individual reporting the sexual violence or sex harassment, 或者被指控的犯罪者, 不是学生. Similarly, 而程序假设事件发生在大学财产或附近,或在学院的官方功能或活动, 如果指称的事件发生在校外或与学院职能/活动无关的环境中,其中一些程序也可能适用.

1) An initial report may occur by telephone, email, in writing, or in person. 当任何指定的管理员或员工(在本政策“报告”下列出)收到关于性暴力或性骚扰的初步报告时。, the initial report shall be shared with the Title IX Coordinator as quickly as possible.

2) The Title IX Coordinator or designee will contact the alleged victim for the following purposes:

  • To ask questions in order to gain a better understanding regarding the nature of the incident;
  • 解释保密和报告要求;
  • To explain the investigatory process, 执法 options, and possible consequences;
  • To provide information about resources that are available to the individual; and,
  • To ask if the alleged victim wishes for the report to be pursued through an investigation or not. (如指称受害人要求保密, 或要求不追究该报告, 学院将采取一切合理的步骤来调查和回应符合保密要求或不进行调查的报告, 如果可能的话. 该要求将与学院提供安全和非歧视环境的责任进行评估和权衡.)

3)第九条协调员或指定人员, 在与国家安全局总法律顾问协商后, 将决定是否展开调查.

4)是否进行调查, 第九条协调员或指定人员将立即开始调查,并在收到报告后六十(60)个工作日内采取措施完成调查, 如果可能的话. The College is committed to a complete and impartial investigation of reports of sexual violence or sex harassment, including the opportunity for both parties to present witnesses and other evidence. 调查将尽快展开, 但调查的复杂性, 骚扰的严重性和程度, 或者参与各方的数量会影响持续时间. 调查应包括:

  • 审查所有相关的书面陈述或报告;
  • Interviewing the alleged victim, alleged perpetrator and other witnesses;
  • Reviewing applicable College records; and,
  • 审查其他有关材料和证据.

5)在调查未决期间,第九条协调员或指定人员将定期向参与调查的各方提供最新情况, consistent with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions.

6)调查结束时, 第九条协调员或指定人员将使用“证据优势”标准(更有可能发生性暴力或性骚扰)对报告做出决定,并将向负责学生事务的副校长和校长提供建议.

7) Within ten (10) working days from receipt of the Title IX Coordinator’s or designee’s recommendation, the Vice 总统 will issue a written statement to the alleged victim, 就调查结果和是否启动纪律程序的决定,与被指控的肇事者和第九条协调员进行协商. In the event that disciplinary proceedings commence at the conclusion of the investigation, 学院有义务向报告遭受性暴力的学生披露纪律处分的结果.

8) If the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator agree with the decision of the Vice 总统, the matter is considered resolved without any further rights of appeal by either party. If either the alleged victim 或者被指控的犯罪者 object to the decision of the Vice 总统, either individual may appeal the decision in writing to the 总统 within seven (7) calendar days. The 总统 will review the matter and then issue his/her decision to; (a) affirm the Vice 总统’s decision; (b) refer the matter for further investigation; or, (c)将该事项提交纪律程序处理. 总统的决定将是最终决定.

Note: Title IX prohibits retaliation for reporting parties and any individuals participating in an investigation. The College will not only take steps to prevent retaliation but will also take strong responsive action if it occurs. 资源和援助第九条协调员或指定人员将提供咨询/心理健康服务的MG游戏app和转介信息, 医疗服务, 执法, 司法救济/限制令, 以及教育资源, and will share resource information with victims and alleged perpetrators. 援助方案包括, 大学无联系令, 学术变化, living, transportation and working situations may be made available as remedies to protect victims or witnesses.